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HYPE ::: Gospel City Naija & DBR Ent Announce Double winners of D.O.P.E's Cover Art Design Offer,

Okay, today is the very day we said we would announce the winners of the exclusive offer we put on D.O.P.E's album cover and yes, we are doing just that!

After going through the entries sent in by respondents, we have picked out two persons whose points are quite impressive, and we must say, professional. Yes, you heard it right, we have two winners!

And the winners are!

***Drum Roll ****

The first winner is Tontex Etex (Graphic Designer) and this is what his opinion was:
" My name is Tontex Etex... Anybody who has this creative thinking will go for Cover art A. In this modern age, a record label's name on a cover should not be found in where it is position in B, and whereas when things are too simple it is at times not good even though simple things are great at times...Also the title of the album blends alongside the background of A...the only thing I am not flowing along with is the gradient of the titles...and if Cover A and B are in the stores, don't be surprised to see cover A finish at high speed than B...even the writeup titles in B are complicating...its Hard for an Old lady to read that....Thanks and God bless...."

And the second winner is Sharpman Oluminati. Below is is opinion:

I'll go with cover art A... The cloud background certainly tickz it for me... And the inscriptionz done in the middle... Itz better balanced... Tickz all the boxes... I can imagine that wiv a glossy jacket... Certainly screamz "pick me! Pick me!" in a cd store.

That sky background suitz thiz raptivist idea... Itz a fusion of two wordz... Rap n activist... The black and white iz plain, predictable even but I dare say the cloud behind iz paradoxical... I mean... Who becomez an activist with ease??? U know... Rapperz are also about punchlinez... The contrast between the album title, style and jacket iz a punchline on itz own... Make a statement! 

More indepthly, the black and white could image for justice! That blue cloud that makez you believe life iz easy imagez grace... Pluz I beg to differ on the black n white look best on glossy thing... They're probably the most used but doesnt make them the best...

Okay, so now you've heard them. They both had the winning entries.  On behalf of DBR Entertainment, we are presenting them with recharge pins and copies of D.O.P.E's album. They also get special invites to D.O.P.E's oncoming Album Listening Concert.

Watch out for the album...its coming to online and real time stores soon!


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