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INTRO + MUSIC :::: Meet Gosple, The Urbane Gospel Rapper From Malawi

Here is gospel music from Malawi. Its about time we treat your ear buds to music from Malawians and yes, it begins with this. The artiste featured here is known as 'Gosple' and we got both his music and profile for you...

Africa is getting ready to make its mark in Christian HipHop and one of the artists to lead this movement is Malawi's Gosple. After opening for Lecrae and the 116 Crew and touring with the UK's Xist Music artist Jahaziel and Tru2daname, Gosple is getting ready to release his FIFTH album starting with a single and video and the album to follow in 2013.

Gosple (God's Own Servant Presenting Lyrical Evangelism), one of the most well-known African Christian MCs is set to release his 5th album "V". This album follows the 2011 release of "The Spokesman" which supported Reach Records Unashamed Tour in Malawi featuring UK's and Xist Music Recording artist Jahaziel and Preacherboy's Tru2daname. Known by many as G.O (God's own) Gosple has always brought a fresh sound without taking away the seriousness of his message. His discography includes the 2003 release titled The Death That Gave Life, in 2008 his second album, Krossed Out and in 2010 his third album, Time Such As This. The fifth album titled "V" is set to reach all of Africa and as well as other international scenes with many collaborations.

The first single to be released is the album title song "V" which was recorded and filmed in London, UK. The song is Gosple's reflection of being a Christian for such a long time and recalling the many highs and lows that we go through in the Faith. After 10 years of being a Christian and everyday feeling like a new one and going through failure and triumph, it's amazing to know that God still maintains my strong stand.

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