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KENYA + GOSPEL ::: Kenyan gospel singer, Mercy Njoki, Speaks on Self + Releases Two Singles

Hers is two good songs from Kenya from a gospel singer known as Mercy Njoki. Here, she speaks about herself, her music and a few other things....Download and enjoy the tracks...



I LOVE MUSIC...I always have...I love it when the keyboard is played, looove the acoustic guitar, love when it all comes together with the bass and electric and the drums kick in! I LOVE IT! I hear a tune and instinctively start to hum, lyrics come at the drop of a hat! I love being on a mic and singing, it sinks deep into the very essence of who I am.. I actually love music and being a musician.

BUT GOD has been growing me... He has brought people my way who have facilitated my getting perspective and learning. I am discovering who I am and what I am about. I am discovering something we often talk about and even speak of (although I wonder if we really understand it)...I am discovering PURPOSE...and along with it has come a surge of energy and enthusiasm to do music decidedly and passionately...a determination that I have never had before in my life! I don't want to be good, I want to be the best, I want to spend sleepless nights in a studio somewhere or on a stage/platform/pulpit somewhere or on the road, or in the air, because I’m headed somewhere to sing, to do music! I am excited and determined and fired up!!

I now know that my calling is to spread the message of order, of truth, of healing...of how God intended things to be. So music is not who I is the staff in my hand. It is what I use to spread a message of grace and love, it is what creates platforms for the message of God's order to be spoken of, of healing, of sobriety, of truth. It is what makes me someone that a young girl somewhere can look up to or a young professional somewhere can listen to. It is the staff in my hand.
... and now that I know what I am about and what my purpose is, as God enables me, I am plugging into my God-given gift/calling in music and trusting God to open doors as He sees fit, to equip me and be my guide, to teach me, anoint me, skill me, divinely connect me and sustain me. I am purposing to work hard, to pursue this relentlessly and to be the best.

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