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Mehanim.....Get used to that name.

He is just 16years old yet he drops lines that will pop your eyes when you hear him rap. Obviously, this young brother is conscious of himself as a body in Christ and is already using his skills to glorify Christ right from this young age.

Mehanim is a Port Harcourt bred rapper who has been rapping in studios and on stages for some time now. We got wind of him when he connected with our Chief Admin, Mr Philip Asuquo and they sort of bonded after a while. 

He gave Mr Asuquo a hint on his wanting to record a new song but was in need with a producer. After a few weeks, he was directed to work with a producer based in PH but he wasn't settled in spirit with the said producer. This led to his  being directed to work with another CiTy-based producer known as Dr Roy.

Together, they put up this great urban gospel tune titled SUICIDE. We've got it right here for you and yours to witness the entry of this young gospel rap wielder that brandishes divine lyrical flows bound to make you nod to his lines.  We got SUICIDE right here, his very first offing in The CiTy!


  1. Mehanim!!! it..thumbs up

  2. Praise God for his life

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