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FEATURE ::: Open Letter To Believers By Isaiah Olumati

Okay, here, Isaiah Olumati, President of the IamAfrican Initiative and a renowned gospeller/A&R personel based in Port Harcourt sends a letter to all believers through The CiTy.

He buzzed us up yesterday about the letter and we resolved to publish it right here so you can get to view it..


 As believers, it is important that we watch our lives daily, subject ourselves to Godliness and Godly Thoughts.

The World is becoming constantly aware of our Presence. On the other hand, the world is growing desperately Oppurtunistic,waiting for one small mistake from us to harp on. In a Digital world as ours, one small mistake not guarded will be placed before the entire world especially with the help of the internet.

It is important that we watch what we say, how we say what we say, what we do, how we do what we do and where we do it.

For those Documentary itchy folks, becareful of what you record and what your friends record of you. The Heart of man is desperately wicked. The Gospel Community is currently, piratically upside down with all forms of Scandals, and we must not add to the seeming growing toll.

We must not give others the opportunity to make a mockery of us. I told somebody yesterday and though it sounds funny and twisted there is truth in it . "Its Not enough to be "Godly". Godly men are failing daily.

Add Discipline to Godliness, add Self Control to Godliness. Add wisdom to Godliness. Your attempt to be Godly without discipline leaves you at the same spot.

 In your quest for godliness, pursue discipline.

Remember the 10 Virgins. You can be Godly and not have wisdom. You'll end up in the folly of the Ungodly.

Lastly, as news upon news of the seeming fall of believers continue to trend, we must understand our place as a Church. As brothers and sisters, we should not talk down others, we must not join the world against ourselves.

Let us Pray for them, be a Shield, encourage them... "we fall down and we get up". Let us be and live like Christ on earth.

God Bless you all, God's People!

President, Iamafrican Initiative

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