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GUEST BLOGGER ::: How People Decide Whether or Not to Visit Your Church

Here is a post for pastors and other shepherds of God's own. It is from Tim Peters, a renowned  Church Communication specialist.

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How People Decide Whether or Not to Visit Your Church

The evidence is unmistakable — the Internet has completely upended the way people decide on whether or not to visit your church. People don’t wait to be communicated to — they’re proactively gathering information and making decisions about you... before you realize anything is happening.
This means that the people you are trying to reach have a preconceived frame of mind about your church before your traditional communications even step to the table. 
Let’s face it — churches large and small have a problem standing out.
Sure, you understand why people should visit your church rather than simply spend the morning at Starbucks. But odds are the people you are trying to reach don’t, and there’s a good chance that they’re not swayed, even when you have the opportunity to make those differences clear.
Here’s what makes a true difference — the experience itself. In other words, in many cases how you communicate is more important than what you communicate.
You need something more to sway their decision to visit your church by enhancing the communication experience. A communication strategy based on producing great content is your “something more”. It is the key to reaching people where they are in life in a simple, but powerful way.
Remarkable content is how your community can come to know, like, and trust you. In other words, it’s the new branding. But it’s also much more.
Because you’ll teach first instead of asking for a visit, content has an additional powerful persuasive effect when it comes to communicating benefits and overcoming objections. That’s because an education-forward communication approach gives you the kind of influence that only comes with authority.
I often say that valuable content without a communication strategy is all about educating people enough to want to visit your church, get connected and come to know Jesus Christ with you. People want to learn before they go, be educated instead of asked to visit.
This is why producing content within an online communication strategy helps grow your church.

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