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RELATIONSHIPS ::: 3 Reasons You May Be Dating “The One”

Have you been wondering what clues you need to know if you are dating the right one? Read them below...

3 Reasons You May Be Dating “The One”

One of the most common stats we hear about millennials today is the amount who are still living with their parents and remaining unmarried past  age 28. It’s a fairly common scenario.
And that’s not a bad thing. It’s OK to stay at home to save money. It’s OK to move home after college to find a job. It’s not OK, though, to stay with your parents and remain unmarried because you’re afraid of commitment or because you’re not willing to give up some of your selfish behavior.
For those of you who are waiting on “Mr. or Mrs. Right” or thinking about taking the step to make the commitment, here are three signs the person you’re dating could be the one:
1. You trust him or her more than you’ve ever trusted anyone else.
One of the greatest things someone told me before I married my wife was to be sure I trusted her more than anyone. It was true. The trust I had with her then and the trust I have with her now are vastly important to our marriage.
If you’re thinking about popping the question or saying, “yes,” make sure it’s someone you trust. Sure, attraction goes a long way, but trust is what solidifies a relationship.
If you can say you trust him or her 100 percent more than anyone else, you may have found “the one.”
2. You can’t imagine life without him or her.
This one is dangerous, because it will always seem like you can’t imagine life without your significant other at the peak of infatuation and attraction. Instead, ask: Can I imagine life without this person even when things aren’t perfect?
In our modern-day culture that seems to throw away marriage at the first speed bump, it’s important that you’re still in love even when your significant other is driving you nuts. That’s a special kind of relationship. That’s a relationship that can thrive even through the rocky places (and late night fights).
You may have found “the one” if he or she is at their worst and you still can’t live without them. After all, you will promise “for better or worse.”
3. You’d be willing to give all of yourself even if he or she couldn’t give anything in return.
“In sickness and in health.” It’s a common vow repeated at weddings. Essentially, it means that you promise you’ll give your all to your spouse, even when he or she is too sick to give anything in return.
That’s a big commitment. Many of us can be selfish if not kept in check. When you find someone you’re willing to give to without expecting anything in return, you’ve found someone who holds a special place in your heart. You may have just found “the one.”
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s a done deal if you see these traits in your current relationship. I’m not saying to go for it. I’m just saying, consider it. Marriage is a gift, but it’s only a good gift when we acknowledge it and take the step.
Seek God. Think through it. Hear God. Then obey. Make the commitment.
What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.
Author: Jonathan Pearson
 Jonathan Pearson is Campus Pastor at Cornerstone Church in Orangeburg S.C., Assistant Director of The Sticks Network, creator of, and author of the upcoming book Next Up: 8 Shifts Great Young Leaders Make ( Make sure to follow him on Twitter.


  1. Everything above i agree with. My problem is: This man im with, he says he wants to marry me. Here's the problem: all he talks about is women he use to be with, sex and the ways and what they did. And his kids. He acts like he fn one of them. I know they were there before me. But the story goes deeper. Everyone and everything before me. What should i do?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    It is a pity that you are in that situation in ur relationship. A man that talks about other women he's been with and sex all the time to his date/wife obviously has his priorities misconstrued. Have u had a heart to heart talk with him about how you feel about this? Do try and let him know you don't feel good when he says these things. He should care enough to avoid anything that makes you sad if he really does love you.

    Also, you need to evaluate your relationship priorities. Some men dangle the 'I will marry you' like a carrot in front of women and then gain access to do as they please with the woman.

    If he is serious about marrying you, let him make the commitment by engaging you and you should both plan a date for the was kids, where are their mum(s)?

    If he has kids, that means there is a home already. If there is no woman there, let him marry and take you in.

    He only said he will marry you. He hasn't proposed to you yet so please don't make him take advantage of you for anything. Tell him how you feel about these things he says and do, if he cares enough for u, he will put them in check.