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iNTRO // INTERVIEW ::: '' My Music is African and International...It makes you Feel good about Yourself'' - Chykoo

 Indeed, Chykoo is an interviewer's delight. The young rapper has got a vivacity that bubbles over and enthralls you in  the excitement of what he does.  He is set to officially release a couple of materials from  his stables and we just couldn't miss the light shining from this one.

We sat him down for an interview and yes, we got it right here for you! You sure will enjoy this one 'cos we totally did...

By the way, you will soon be getting some very enjoyable materials from him so we thought it apt to get you familiar with him right here...

Hi Chykoo. Good to have you here. For the benefit of our readers, do tell us about you

Well, my real names are Chike Nwafor but my friends all me Chykoo which is also my stage name
Am from enugu state, eastern part of Nigeria. My dad is late, my mum is a business woman. I have 3 brothers, no sisters. I graduated from Uniben with a degree in computer science. I love God, people and music.

We know a couple of peeps will wanna know why u went with the name, Chykoo. You could have probably gone with a name like 'lyrikal C' or so. But u chose to be called Chykoo. Any reasons for that?

(Laughs) Yea, one thing I respect in life is the originality of one’s creativity... And that can be summed up in 2 words "Be Real". Using the name that even my mum has been calling me since when I was a kid is real to me, like you can't get any realer than that.  And besides, it is a simple name and is easy to remember

So, tell us about your music. Also, when did it all start for you?
Wow, where do I begin?? Okay, first of all, my music is an extension of my personality. It’s what I use to encourage, edify and liberate the soul of man. Sometimes I could use it to Praise my God, or talk about serious situations. My sound is sort of African and international.  It just makes you feel good about yourself. Now to the second question, music started for me professionally about 4yrs ago, when I recorded my first song back then in school

So how has music been like for you?
Oh man, its been great.  God has been so good to me. God has been blessing me and is still blessing me through music. I mean, from the production to the shows. Then to standing in front of crowds and not only singing to them but talking to them and encouraging them. Music has been good so far though

Can you share one or two memorable platforms/experiences you've had so far that gave you that "music has been so good so far" notion?
Wow, errrmmm, there are so many. One special one was in my home town. I performed for my family members and friends, after the first performance they called me back to do it again but this time they spread me money
(General laughter)
Ok, the second one was at the Touchdown concert hosted by RRHP group. While I was performing , people already knew the song so that felt good

That brings us to some of the singles you've put out. We do recall "Move for Yahweh" and its viral video. Tell us about this track
Move for Yahweh is more than just a nice dance record... Infact, it has a very powerful message. The message of love that the only way the world can move for God is together despite your religion, tribe or background. That's what we achieved with the viral video. We got different people from different walks of life to move for God and they did and God blessed them with His joy

That's deep. You seem to have more in you than reaches the eyes.
Lol, if you say so. Well, I have Christ in me the hope of Glory

Anybody could just do the song to meet up with having a dance track out there...But the motive you just explained is deeper. Now, let's talk about having Christ in you
Well, praise God...

Tell us about your faith and walk with Christ
Wow, now this is gonna be a long interview. My faith in Christ is out of this world...

You can cut it up, bruv. Give it to us like its suya. Yes, we know suya is made from beef (cow meat) but we sure don't put the full cow on a suya stick
(General laughter)
Lol ..well, like I said, my faith in Christ is out of this world...Not just my faith but my Love for Him and what He did and what He is still doing in my life and the world in general. My walk with Him is amazing, it’s like how Adam and God were before he sinned. You know that personal one on one relationship. Your never worried, because you know He gat your back. He will always be there no matter what because I am His creation and He is my maker and God, so it’s just a wonderful experience... but there are hard times tho’, don't forget that. When the world wants to bring you down, His love lifts us up

Okay. We understand that your track, "Come Alive" is about to be officially released. Tell us a bit about it
Yea... I am really excited about this next single "Come Alive". It’s not only an international record it also has a fantastic message attached to it.. And the message is that the only way we can fully ignite our true potential from God is when He is near us..cause when He is near us, We COME ALIVE

So, let's run through the gospel music scene in Nigeria. What’s your opinion/assessment?
Well, to be honest, its doing great, there are so much talents out there but there are two things I will like to see change, 1) is in kingdom investors, we need more hands on deck for the gospel in music and am not just talking about pastors and church members am talking about corporate investors too. Men and women that want to show their gratitude to God by supporting the music ministry and 2) we as  music ministers have to come together and support one another. Once we can achieve these two points, I believe the ministry will not only be great but appealing also.

You do mention Spark on your tracks and it comes with an accompanying ‘shock’ effect. Tell us about Spark Entertainment.
Ok..Spark Entertainment is an entertainment company that deals with good, clean family entertainment based on faith and good morals. It is also a record label were we try our best to raise platforms for both gospel and inspirational acts and talents to show their love for God and their fellow men

We'll have you up here some other time. It was nice speaking with you. As a last word, what's your advice for music ministers, music lovers, pastors and other stakeholders of gospel music out there?
My advice is; always keep it real, be honest and try your best to love your neighbour as you love yourself....
Thanks for having me on your platform ... God bless

Do Follow him on twitter ; @officialchykoo

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