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SPECIAL + DOANLOAD ::: The Sacrifice - Olasoda Oladapo

Here is a special message from Olasoda Oladapo just for you. We got wind of him when a producer friend of his, Zino J, shared the audio file with us. Our Chief Admin spoke with Mr Dapo and today, we present that very audio file for your free download. Do well to download, listen and share with your friends....

OLASODE OLADAPO B. is a young man with the mandate to prepare the young people in his generation to take the place their maker ordained them to occupy. 

This he does with his oratory prowess and unique divine insight.  An understanding of the concept of sacrifice prevalent in African traditional religion and the power of the Holy Spirit prompted him to examine the sacrifice of Jesus. 

 This revealed its redemptive and empowering capabilities over and above sacrifice as understood by the African tradition religion and how the average person can maximize its benefits. This information he presents in a simple easy to understand style that captivates the listener and motivates him to take necessary action.

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