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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ::: Gospel City Naija Interviews Teenage Rapper, Mehanim (The 16-year-old rapper now 17) As he adds a Year..

Today, The CiTy celebrates with Mehanim, the impressive teenage Rapper. Mehanim is known to drop lyrics that seem older than his age. Here, he confesses what is responsible for this!

It is impressive to see this young gospel rapper mindful of the things of God and obvious refusal to toe the lines most of his peers are toeing. Join us as we celebrate with him today! You can leave your birthday wishes as comments below this interview. God bless you.


Hello, Mehanim. Nice to meet you. For those who don't know you, introduce yourself to The CiTy

I'm AHIAMADU, Clement Mehanim-Uzo. I'm a gospel rapper. I'm from Erema Town in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni L.G.A in Rivers State

 So tell us about how you started out rapping …
Wow. Well I was exposed to a lot of hip hop music from a very young age, I used τ̲̅ǿ enjoy rapping along. I always made sure I knew the rap verse of any hip hop track I enjoyed. One day in school, my friends suggested that we did something for our school. While we were still making suggestions, someone came up with an idea that we could do a song for our school and that his brother runs a studio. Each of us were asked to contribute. Most of them chose to sing but I decided to rap, so I took a pen and started writing. Guess that's how I started. 

Oh cool .You said you were exposed to a lot of hip hop music from a very young age..

We also understand you just turned 17, congratulations by the way. So what has your experience been as a young rapper before you became 17? 

Well, my experience has been really good. I've enjoyed every moment. God has been faithful. 

Obviously people are not used to seeing a rapper as young as you are doing gospel . Has there been particular experience that u wanna share with us? 

 Hahahahaha... Yes ooo, really. Some people ask me 'guy, are you sure you are a gospel rapper, are you for real?' Lols... But they don't understand. I'm 'genuine' but I've been 'fake' once. 

Tell us about that fake Mehanim…

 When I decided to stop 'drumming on the table', I didn't believe anyone could rap gospel, I felt rap was meant to show superiority, hurt people with 'punchlines', but I couldn't come out openly, especially being a P.K (Pastor’s Kid). So I decided to try τ̲̅ǿ rap the little bible I was taught, and wait for when I would break free.


All that changed when I really encountered Jesus 

 A couple of rappers might not have had that break-free encounter. Can you tell us more about it and its impact on what you do?

 Earlier this year, I attended a program called 'Grace Cycle', while the speaker was sharing the word, the message of Grace and God's Love hit me! I heard a voice saying 'let go, I love you, I don't care about your past. I've paid it all (past, present and future)'. That really captured me! I received the Holy Spirit. ( I used to think the Holy Spirit was meant for the elderly ) lols...

 Since, then God has been leading the way! ... That’s  what inspired the single, #Suicide 

We'll talk about that track soon…  So in other words, would you say receiving the Holy Spirit made you a better gospel rapper? 

The Holy Spirit made me a gospel rapper. I wasn't a gospel rapper before, I was rapping gospel

Oh ok … Now, Suicide ….The release of that song impressed a lot of its listeners
Yes ... Glory to God! 

Tell us about the track 

'Suicide' (metaphorically), was the decision I made after I had the encounter! It's an expression. I decided to kill my 'self'(flesh) and let God be the Subject! None of Me, All of Him, that's the basic message, it also calls out to others to do the same.
With my little experience, I can boldly tell you that Life is terrible without Jesus 

Okay. Looking at your age and the depth of your lyrics, its hard to agree that you are a teenager but we sure understand that the Holy Spirit enables us to do more than is expected of us ... Do you in anyway feel limited in doing what you do because of your young age? In other words, what could be the challenge or concerns of a teenage gospel rapper?

I don't feel limited in anyway, but for a teenage gospel rapper, I feel parental approval, having people that believe in your vision (sometimes even your parents may not understand), professionalism and finance can also be an issue. 

We do commend your effort so far in using rap to preach the gospel, especially when we consider the number of teenagers who largely prefer toeing a different line. Do you have something to say about that? 

Well, the truth is when a person encounters Jesus, his/her life changes! Old things pass away! Peer Pressure, fear of being laughed at, fear of being irrelevant, etc. I once felt that way, but all that changed! I can only pray for them to encounter and accept God's Love and Grace. Once they've had that, old things pass away!
Alright…. So, it’s your birthday today. You are 17.  How does that feel?
Haahahahah! Wow! Yes ooo.. Feels Awesome . I am grateful to God!  With age comes maturity, responsibilities etc... This will make me work even harder in my ministry and generally! This also gives me a sense of urgency, because the harvest is plenty

So, what are your plans? Are we getting an album/mixtape or any other project from Mehanim any time soon? 

Well, I'm working on some projects (singles) for now. But for an album, when the time is right, Gospel City Naija will be the first τ̲̅ǿ know.
Okay.  It was great having you here, Mehanim. We pray God's glorious blessings into your life as you add a year today.God bless you.

Thank you.. God Bless Gospel City Naija! Lols... God Bless You Uncle Phil! I’m humbled sir! 

You can download Mehanim's single, Suicide, below:


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