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SPOT THE SIMILARITY + WIN ::: Exclusive Pictures of the Gospel Twin? (Samsong and Degospel)

Does gospel singer, Samsong , have a twin? This will be the question on some people's lips...

For some time now, we've been giving hints on the release of a song from one remarkable gospel artiste based in the south south called Degospel.

We've also been dropping hints on his resemblance with renowned gospeller, Samsong. Today, we want you to bear a witness to this.

 Degospel's hit single, Nsokododo, is set to be premiered online exclusively in The CiTy. Samsong is said to have endorsed the track when he heard it as well as other gospellers like Freke Umoh. As we anticipate it's release, we have something for you below;

:::::::::::::::: EXCLUSIVE OFFER::::::::::::::::::::::
Good news! This post comes with an offer. If you can spot 5 similarities between Samsong and Degospel, you stand a chance to win a recharge card courtesy Gospel City Naija and Degospel. If you can't spot 5, just mention the ones you've seen as a comment below or mail to . Please remember to include your phone number. The person with the most spotted and accurate similarities will win.

Below are a few pictures of the duo together:


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  1. Dj Clergy Chris 08033172358

    1. Samsong is taller than him.
    2. He's like in complexion than Samsong.
    3. He's beards are not as rounded as Sam's
    4. Samsong is fatter
    5. Lastly Samsong's afro is tigher and higher and a lot more afrolistic. Lol

  2. 1. Samsong is taller than Degospel, probably the most noticeable difference

    2. Samsong is bigger (fatter) than Degospel

    3. Samsong has more hair

    4. Degospel is lighter in complexion than Samsong

    5. I don try na. Wey my recharge card (lols)

  3. What I have seen here so far are differences...we are supposed to point the similarities. I still they watch. Very soon I will comment.

  4. Below are five similarities:

    3. Carving of beards
    4. Eyes
    5. Coiled neck

    Lol. Hope I tired


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    Good to see the comments here and in our inbox already. Welldone!

  6. The similarities are (1) eyes (2) carving of beards (3) neck (4) lips ...especially the lower lip. Lol.


  7. 1)Hair 2) Beard 3) Nose 4) lips 4)Check 5)eye

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