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+TiPS ::: How to Dufferentiate between Love and Infatuation

HOW DO YOU KNOW REAL LOVE? Here are some pieces to 'True Love' Puzzle for those who want to know if they are in love or in infatuation. It comes to you courtsey Write Treasurez...enjoy


Love: is patient and allows time for relationship to grow.
Infatuation: is impatient, rash, impulsive, unreasonable.

Love: is self-controlled and wants the best for the other and the relationship.
Infatuation: is self-willed and demands it's own way.

Love: looks beyond the external and is attracted also by the character traits. It is person centred.
Infatuation: is preoccupied by external qualities which arouse passion and lust. It is sex-centred.

Love: cannot be separated from the One who is love. Love and faith therefore go together, love giving meaning to faith and faith giving purpose to love.
Infatuation: is caught up with present sensation and often leads individuals away from God.

Love: is built on self-acceptance and assumes the best in the other by implicit trust.
Infatuation: is often unsure of self and therefore jealous and possessive of the other; shows itself by constant quarrelling.

Love: is built on friendship and leaves individuals better for having known each other even if they break up.
Infatuation: has an unsure basis and leaves behind scars and painful memories should the couple break up.

Love: is truthful and is characterized by open and honest communication.
Infatuation: plays games because of fear of sharing the real self and being rejected.

Love: is true to personal values even if it may risk loss of the relationship.
Infatuation: may cause individuals to do what is wrong for fear of losing each other.

Love: weathers the ups and downs of life with the realization that feelings and circumstances do not alter the commitment to be loving.
Infatuation: is moody and creates a certain nervousness about the relationship.

Love: makes one a better person.
Infatuation: has traumas which drains a person of energy so school, work and home relationships suffer. One becomes irritable and 'different'.

Love: adds to self-confidence.
Infatuation: tends to breed dependency and a poor feeling about oneself.

Love: grows with time and lasts despite separation
Infatuation: weakens with time and separation.


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