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URBAN + ZAMBIA ::: Mikrophone7 - How I Feel

Here's a brand new song from Zambia for you and yours! It is from Mikrophone7.

He was born and raised in the heart of Africa,Zambia. Mikrophone7 aka M7 was on the up come,doing secular music. In as much as he was a secular artist M7 had a great passion for the gospel and spreading it,but the worldly pressures proved too strong for him at that time.

In January 2013 M7 finally quit doing secular music and started doing music that glorified Gods name..."I had to give up the nights out at the club,the partying,the play boy life,the drinking and loads of other stuff,I realized it was more than just the music,I changed started praying daily,reading my Bible and winning souls,"said M7. Mikrophone7 being a NewSon is now part of the youth movement known as "Thee_Garage,"with his passion for the gospel, M7 said "I couldn't give my talent up,its God-given,all am meant to do is preach the truth,through my ministry in music.." Its now all about Jesus,more of Christ less of me! Re_branded and renewed Mikrophone7 is currently a recording artist at 428media house.. #M7NewSon #Salute

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