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+ISSUE :: Should Instrumentalists be Paid by Churches?

This is indeed an issue that is often times swept under the carpet. It is indeed a dicey one but sure does needs to be cleared on.

Here is a post from Filani Gideon, a young writer who contacted us on his wanting to write and send this piece to us. Do go ahead and read through. Remember, you can drop your opinion or reaction as a comment after reading the post.

Should Instrumentalists be Paid by Churches?

This is a question I have been asked over and over again due to my years of experience and my
relationship with professional instrumentalists.

We had to sample people's opinion on this. Though we didn't get as many responses as we would have wanted, we would want to assume that everybody wants to hear what my views are on the subject.

Can I hear an AMEN!!

Okay!! Now its a two way road;

1. Do you want to be on the church pay roll?

2. Do you want to be paid and still want the freedom of going from one church to the other?

Hmmm... Let me guess, we want the second option. Well sorry to be too frank, that second option is
where a lot of churches have issues with instrumentalists.

For a church to pay you, no matter how small, they believe you are on there pay roll and church policies need to be adhered to!!

I find it strange when instrumentalists who are paid stroll in to church around 10am for a service
that's to start by 9:30am.

Instrumentalists needs to be disciplined.
Now as much as Instrumentalists needs to be APPRECIATED & RESPECTED, we too need to do
same to the church.


Don't forget that.

As much as I believe in the fact that a labourer is worthy of his wages and in all honesty, we do a lot
of work, we shouldn't take the church for granted.

Some things that pastors need to know:

1. Your instrumentalists are meant to be treated as staffs of the church and should be given the
treatment given to church staffs.

2. Don't make them feel like dogs.. Let them feel loved and wanted. Not everyone wants the
money. Some just want stay in the church while some know they are meant to be there.

3. Invest in your instrumentalists and you will have a better more vibrant choir.

Now, guys (instrumentalists), respect your pastor and if possible write a formal letter that you want
to be on the payroll of the church as an instrumentalist and lets see what God will do.

Please endeavor to share this post because you don't know who might need it... CHEERS

Gideon Filani is a young energetic and disciplined man who has been actively involved in church music since he was 10years. He is currently a Church Music Consultant and the Chief Operations Officer with Music Masters Online,  a thriving social media hub for musicians. He can be reached on 07037069174.

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  1. Linda Scott
    Good point, Go to a bar and play for pay. But they do have instruments to buy and have fixed, A church without instuments, is sad, what about the preacher? Does he practice, like the ones with. Instruments. Just saying


  2. No...... The choir don't get paid..... Neither do the ushers, alter workers etc
    - Natalie Jennelle

  3. I think yea but shouldn't be taken as a salary thing, it actually makes them not to go out of God. Most of our secular singers where once here so I think yea.

    Nsikak Pusha Agwaji Umanah