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+TIPS ::: 3 Ways to Talk with Your Child When a Hero Lets Him Down

Ever felt left down because someone you trust let you down by their direct or indirect actions? Some times it could be as a result of their weakness. You might shrug and let it go but it just might not be the same story for your kid.

Here, we present 3 ways to talk your child out of such a let down from someone he/she considers to be a hero....

3 Ways to Talk with Your Child When a Hero Lets Him Down


 We all have them. Heroes. People that we hold in high esteem. People, who in our minds, are far superior to anyone around them. People who can do things no one else can do. Ultimately unfair to them, but it happens still the same. So, when they fall – and they will – we’re disappointed, maybe even devastated.
And as hard as it is on adults, it’s even harder on kids. What do you say when your child’s trust is shattered? How do you keep that from impacting his trust in other people and maybe as a result, his trust in God? Here are some suggestions that may help with that difficult conversation.
  1. Help him know that this person is just that — a person. Not a superhero. Not God. And that the Bible tells us that: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”  (Romans 3:23 HCSB).
  2. Remind him of the many times in the Bible that God has made promises and has never failed to keep them. (Examples: Abraham, Moses, Noah.)
  3. Stress that the greatest promise is God’s forgiveness of our sin, and, as hard as it may be for your child, help him to forgive that person who has let him down.
Because we live in a fallen world, your child will unfortunately experience hurt and disappointment. As you walk through these with him, you’ll help your child learn to cope with bigger disappointments later in life. Ultimately, you can help him grow to understand that Jesus is the one and only true hero that will never let him down.

 Klista Storts is a Kids Ministry Specialist at LifeWay Christian Resources. Before coming to LifeWay, she served as the Weekday and Preschool Specialist at the Tennessee Baptist Convention and as Director of Preschool Ministries at churches in Oklahoma and Tennessee. Klista has a passion for equipping leaders to share the love of Christ and lay foundations for conversion in the lives of kids.

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