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FREE MUSIC ::: Efe Nathan talks about overcoming trials and her new single "Nobody Like You"

Its been a while we heard from gospel songstress Efe Nathan.We are glad to bring to you her latest single titled "Nobody Like You".

We also found out that she is currently inked to a deal with one of the tested and trusted gospel album distribution outfit, HONESTY MUSIC.

Speaking about her latest single, Efe said:
"The song was born out of a place of pain, betrayal, and conflict, but I resolved to keep my eyes on God.
 I sow this song into your life, to lift you up, to empower you, to deliver you, and to guarantee you that the war was already won before your trials began, and that you will overcome, in Jesus name. If God did it for me, trust me, HE can do it for you. My trials have only lead to my promotion"

She further said that she has a victory to celebrate, because the plans of the enemy did not work over her life, and she could have chosen to commit suicide over all the false accusations, but for God.

Celebrate with her by downloading and enjoying the song below:

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