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+ISSUES ::: Friendship Vs Relationship

Here is a post from our Chief Admin, Philip Asuquo. We believe it will help you in your friendships and relationships....

Do go ahead and read.


"Not every woman that comes your way is meant for dating.
Sometimes a man's purpose in a woman's life is to help her become a better woman for another man.."
- Mfon Ekam

I saw the quote above and its truth is quite resounding!

Ladies, also, not every man that comes into your life is for dating or marriage. Life is way MUCH MORE than constant reduction to dating and marriage!

You see a lady/man and start thinking of dating her/him OR if they would make a good partner
Hold that thought!!!!!!!!

Can't you just have friends in your life? Friends without benefits, of course!

Relationships sink faster than friendships. When relationships sink, it hurts way more than when friendship stops.

We can always continue friendship when it stops, but relationship hurts and hurts when it sinks and the only way the two people in it can continue is to switch to friendship...

So why do we always want to get hurt and battered by jumping into relationships while we abandon friendship???? Then when it sinks, we wish we were just friends and didn't do 'relationship' things with that person.

Why can't you start or stay in friendship?

Your life, history and future will be much better if you have more friends in the friend Zone than 'past lovers' in the 'ex' coast.

Here's a truth you should hold...
Sometimes God puts a person in your life for you to gain a lot from - maturity, stability, etc.
Gaining from them might be from just relating with them as friends. The moment you leave the friend zone and jump into 'dating/relationship' , you start getting the opposite from them - immaturity, instability, etc...

God's will for us is always for our own good. We ought to live right in Him no matter the status quo.
Don't join others and follow the tide, washes away your life.

Follow Jesus...He'll bring you living wisdom Relevant for every aspect of your LIFE - ministry, career, relationship, etc ....He will make you truly flourish