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+ ISSUE /// Is Jesus in the Room When You’re Looking at Porn? The Answer Will Shock You!

Here is a short film that expands the question in this post's title. We resolved to bring it here for you to take a look after seeing a brother we hold in good esteem share it on facebook.

Do take a look


Last year the FaithIt community (that’s you!) helped support the production of this film–and look what they’ve produced! Now we have the awesome opportunity to help them finish it.
Because shame has crushed men for far too long. There is a loving Father who wants to break the bondage of shame and is extending a grace that is so unfathomable it will bring you to your knees. Just like this.

Hearts of Men Featurette from Unearthed on Vimeo.

Go to Unearthed to help these filmmakers finish the film and get it out everywhere!

Help Finish the Film!