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MUSIC VIDEO /// Tosinbee - XTREME PARTY @tosinbee @gospotainment

Do you remember that song called XTREME PARTY that we put out some time ago? 
It was a Fuji-drenched gospel tune that gave the artiste, Tosinbee, so much commendations from people who listened to it. 

The fact that he took a genre - Fuji music -  that was relatively secluded to a particular kind of theme and delivered the gospel through it in a totally enjoyable way was indeed something to commend him on. He reached an audience with the gospel that probably would not have 'vibed' to some other genre.

Indeed, the gospel is being preached...through every means and music genres is not excluded.

Today, we are glad to bring here the video of that very song.

Do go ahead,Download or watch and enjoy this one!

And hey, in case you did'nt get the audio, we got it right here for you!


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