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WEEKEND TREAT: ‘What I Observed about Frank Edwards and Iyke Onka before going into Music…’ - GINIKA @Ginikaofficial @djernesty

Here is an exclusive interview we had with an Abuja-based female gospel artiste. Her name is Ginika and she is not new to the City or the Nigerian gospel music scene.

We have previously released singles from her and sometime last month, she released a brand new single which she told us about. We thought it apt to know more about this soulful sister who relentlessly shares the gospel on a regular basis on social media and puts out heart-warming songs from time to time, even as she prepares ahead for the release of her debut album.

She opened up on several things in this interview....Do go ahead and read this one...


‘What I observed about Frank Edwards and Iyke Onka before going into Music…’

Hello Ginika, good to have you here. We've known you for some time now right from when you released your first single...but there sure will be people that don't know you. Can you introduce yourself and what you do to them here?

Hello everyone. My My name is Ginika Onyeador. I'm from Abia state. I'm a gospel artist and a song writer. I play the guitar too. I'm also a pharmacist

Great… Pharmacy and music...Now, that's a combination we will have to speak about here. So, how did music start with you? Or better still, how did you start out doing music...

For me, my music started professionally after I graduate d from the university- that's when I made the choice to be a gospel artist. But you can say I've always had ties to music since when I was a child 'Cos I was in the music club in primary school and part of the choir in my secondary school and university

Okay…You had particular people you admired in music and was getting set to join on a professional scale? You obviously must have observed the music scene.

Oh yes! Gospel rock, soft rock is my best genre. I was greatly inspired by Iyke Onka and Frank Edwards. I love Hillsong's music too

We knew Frank would be in that list…

Hahahaha, yes he has to be in the list [Laughs]

So what did u observe and notice about them? What made them stand out to you

I was able to connect with them easily. Their music ministered to my soul. My spirit is lifted and I feel the power of God when they sing. It's not that other gospel songs don't have the same qualities, it's just that I found these few quite captivating.

We understand.  Now, we must confess, our chief admin actually admits to having your first single, Be Calm, on repeat. A song like that comes loaded with God's stance in situations. Tell us about the song...

Hahahaha. That's good to know. That song is very special. I wrote it when I was going through rough times - a point where I felt like giving up on everything. You know that point where you look left and right and it seems nothing is working out.

Little did I know that God allowed me to go through such a time, in order to minister to people going through similar situations. I feel fulfilled ‘cos I've heard many testimonies about the song. It's a song that encourages...

True. You know,  most things that happen around a believer is not to make us cave out or because we 'deserve' them. Christ set an example for us all. He didn't 'deserve' to die or go through what He went through. He did it so that through that experience many will overcome!


He didn't deserve all that but He went through with it victoriously and through Him, many have become victorious. Our experiences can either pull us down if we don't know better or lift us and others if we know who we are in Christ!
'Be Calm' is a great song.

[Smiles] You've said it all. Thank you

Alrightie...we understand you just released a brand new single this month...

Yes I did. It’s my 4th single and it is called 'Beautiful'.

Woah. We weren't aware of the other 3. So does this mean the album is 80% complete?

Not sure of the mathematics but you can say it's a work in progress

Okay. Do you have any previously released album or is this your first?

This will be my first album. "I will sing for joy" is my 1st single, "So gi bu Chi" is my 2nd, while youur favorite,  "Be Calm & Listen" is my 3rd single. "Beautiful" is the latest. 


We spoke further with Ginika and she shared her view on Gospel Music Ministry and entertainment ministry in General…. Get ready for that part of the interview.





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