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DIGIT ‘ALL’ LIFE: From Accessing the Bible through Apps to Meeting a Spouse and Getting Married, Life has Gone Digital… Are you still Analogue?

According to stats, over 80 million Nigerians are online and active. About 20 percent out of that  have their eyes and dreams on Mark Zuckerberg and are putting up tech startups or already running one that is building up to match globally recognized online brands.

But, do you know that there was a time in Nigeria that having a funky email address like and was all there was to having an online presence?

Back then, people thronged into cyber cafes to open email accounts, send and receive mails then went home satisfied and feeling good. Opening an email account was seen as a very big accomplishment to many and was something to celebrate with friends and family.

Don’t laugh.

Fast forward to now, many Nigerians have more access to the internet and have even become owners of platforms online.

Even kid programmers like the ones that did the much recently talked about Crocodile browser just to be able to browse faster and access some functions through their browser.

In fact, in some years’ time, most kids will get so used to their PCs, mobile gadgets and Plasma/Flat Screen TVs in Africa that when they see a regular TV set, they’ll ask their parents ‘Dad, what’s that big box behind the TV?’.

And their dad will have to reply, ‘That’s the rest of the TV, son’.

Yes. This is already happening in America where motion TVs, 3D Glasses and virtual reality is being used to change the way people see recorded or preloaded media content.

More Nigerians have caught up with the global digital revolution. More are still coming online. It is worthy to note that this revolution has redefined life as we know it and is bringing even more advances to the human race, making things simpler with a click of a mouse, swipe on the touch-sensitive surface of a tab and the raising of hands and pinching of fingers to interact digitally with Kinectic sensor sensitive media like the Xbox360.

How did it all begin, especially in Nigeria?

So, some years ago, people saw Facebook as a mere social platform for interacting and meeting people. Today, Facebook have become part of life that it is hard to talk about the internet without mentioning Facebook. It has also gone beyond social interaction as the platform has become a hub for businesses to be done, government policies to be explained, cause to be formed, and even marriage and family to be met, nurtured and sustained.

Yet, some people still are not aware of how the new media has changed and is changing life as we know it. This post chronicles how the new media seeped into Nigeria and  will look at various aspects of life and how it has been digitalized. There really is no gain in burying our heads in the sand while the rest of the world moves on, straddling the digital revolution and getting solutions…

In Nigeria, it all began with emails. One of the first function that people had with the internet in Nigeria was emails. The ability to send messages to loved ones, business associates, and even applications was very much welcomed. People thronged into cyber cafés to set up email accounts and send mails out or check received mails. Like most things that come new, most people didn’t understand the hang of it so they opened mails with funny email addresses like,, and the likes. People saw it as another way of socializing so their mail addresses had such care-free and funny names. Fast forward to now and you will see more Nigerians with more serious and professional email addresses. Most already have customized emails from their own websites like

From the emails, people then saw that there were foreign websites online that they could browse for information. They could also view schools abroad and apply for admission. Web URLs seen on foreign magazines could be typed into browsers and voila, access to information and pictures was granted. At this time, there wasn’t much Nigerian websites online. Websites were seen as a very big deal, not to talk of being able to build one.
Even with these sites, there was still that itch for more interaction online and with social media sites and platforms like Myspace, Reverbnation etc, more Nigerians got online. The coming of Facebook got even more Nigerians online.

With the ability to view pictures, read people’s profiles and chat with them, man’s primitive instinct for affection naturally became the next phase of the new media in Nigeria. Many people went from joining dating sites to using sites like Facebook to meet spouses and some even got and still get married from such meet ups.

With the heartbreaks, love-gone-sour tales and some good love stories as well, people soon got bored of using the internet for merely dating alone. By this time, many Nigerians had understood the hang of it and could build websites and blogs. Thus, more websites were put online and people could access information about companies, organizations, and other available sites online. People could also access news sites and this further got more people online…

These can be seen as the first appearances of the internet revolution in Nigeria. Today, obviously, there is more to it. There is also more possibilities brought by it .

One great new phase of the New Media revolution in Nigeria is the ability for Nigerians to shop and sell online. Some years ago, not many Nigerians accepted online shopping and this was mostly for fear of having their money sleeced from them through the internet.

With the coming of online stores and their option of ‘Payment on delivery’, more Nigerians have grown confidence in online shopping and are getting satisfaction from this.

Today, many Nigerians buy gadgets, cars, landed property, and so much more from the internet.
Sites like have taken it a step further by providing a one-stop platform that Nigerians can not only buy things but also sell and make money from the internet. The site also makes it possible for professionals and handy men like cab drivers to register and get patronized by customers that look for their services online.

With the site’s thousands of registered users, it is only a matter of time before the figures roll into millions and with more Nigerians registering on it daily, it sure is advisable for anyone to get on it now and take advantage of all the possibilities it brings.

Indeed, more of the world will get online. It is necessary for internet users in Nigeria to get on the most relevant of the platforms provided online. In the same breath we mention Facebook for social interaction, can be said to be the rising platform for not only getting good purchase deals online but also selling your product or services. 

You can visit the site through this link and get registered on it then sell or buy amazing goods or patronize some services >

Welcome to a new phase of life as we know it!

ABOUT THE WRITER: Philip 'AsuquOtes' AsuQuO is a brand/media strategist and communication consultant. He describes himself as a 'purveyor of truth' and is an expert communications executive with Orange News. You can follow him on twitter via his new twitter handle, @PhilasuquOtes,  or mail him directly through


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