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HBD + SPECIAL: @EbeleTheFlutist...Through The Years [ In Words, Pictures & Music ]

Ebele The Fluitist…
Through The Years

Many have been wowed by her fluid sonic renditions on the flute…Many have paused to ask ‘ say she is a flutist? A female flutist from Africa?”… Many have watched her grow through the years…Many have come to understand that she is one lady who holds on to her beliefs, no matter how fleeting a moment might be…

Her name is Ebele The Flutist. Yes, you should know her. Ebele is passionate about music. She is passionate about God and also passionate about touching lives with the sounds from her flute.
Widely revered as one of the very few flutists in Africa and the only visible female flutist in Nigeria, Ebele has triumphed through the years and gotten to a stage that is hard to be ignored. The stage also makes it hard for you to ignore that which she stands for and portends.  

She has had several media coverage through the years…Today, we celebrate her as she adds a year and thought it apt to take you through the years with this stroke of maestro God gave to humanity. Take a seat, grab some pop corn and let’s run you through the years with her…

THE 80s //// BIRTH & LINEAGE ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ebele was born into a Christian home. She came as the second child to her parents who had 6 children (2 girls and 4 boys) altogether. 

Her parents christened her Ebelechikwu , an Igbo name that translates into ‘The Mercy of God is Great’. 

Yes, she is of the Igbo extract and precisely from Anambra State. She was born and grew up in Benin City where she did her primary and secondary schooling….


THE 90s /// FINDING HER TUNE ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Ebele was exposed to music at quite an early age by her family and in church. 

At the age of 15, Ebele  came in contact with the very musical instrument that would replace her surname way before time – The flute. 

She started learning how to play the flute at that age and also learnt how to sing as well.  She also got admitted to study accounting in a higher institution.

THE EARLY 2000s /// MUSIC BEGINS //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

She started out a little earlier as part of a music group called ‘The Agape Voices’. 

With this group, Ebele cut her keys in music,stage ministrations and live performances. 

They ministered on various platforms including churches and at events. 

 A little later, Ebele relocated to Lagos.. Ofcourse she parted with the group and went on a solo sojourn in Nigeria’s version of New York City, affectionately called Las Gidi…. 

She also got employed as an accountant in a firm yet this didn’t affect her music, instead, she got encouraged by her colleagues and management….


THE MID 2000s /// THE  PRO LEAGUE ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

In Lagos,  Ebele’s dexterous renditions and skills caught people’s attention and she got into the milieu of music makers that were garnering recognition for the pure skills they hold. 

She ventured into professional musicmanship and in no time, some of the top names in music back then  and now could recognize that there was something about Ebele…not just Mary.


THE LATE 2000s TO 2010s/// ACCOLADE & PEDIGREE ///////////////////////////////////////////

The media attention and recognition started coming her way. 

Ebele had put out singles and videos that gave people something to hold onto and be beguiled by. 

An African flutist? Yes there were some….But a female solo African Flutist? No, there was none except Ebele. 

So the media exposure came and along with it came headlining events that gave Ebele yet more wider reach to do that which she enjoys doing – play the flute and stay in God’s purpose for her life.


2013 – 2015 /// THE JOURNEY SO FAR /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
Now in the third decade of her life, the name Ebele The Flutist may not be on the lips of every child on the street but in a gathering of music enthusiasts, you are sure to find one or more that would nod and say “That Nigerian female flutist? Yeah, I know her”. 

Through the years, Ebele has substantiated to those who know her that the beliefs she held on to and the flute she is still holding was not just a passing fad. Many might have thought it would get to a point she would make a switch from her stance…But no, Ebele believes in God and His gift of life to her. This belief is unwavering even as she believes that music can be made to impact lives in more wholesome ways than one. She has also taken up coaching and mentoring the next generation of Flutists and does this regularly.

 From working with some of the top names and music icons like Mike Aremu, Yinka Davies, Cobhams Asuquo, Gloria Ibru ,Ayo Awe Joseph, Wole Oni etc to opening at epoch making events like the World Jazz Festival, Ebele’s life so far is one that many would call a fairy slide.

 She has grown through the years to become deeper in God, stronger in purpose and more attached to her flute which she takes on the world stage with her as she prepares to register more indelible marks in the sands of time and enjoy more of her ‘dreams come true’ years….

::::::::: HER MUSIC:::::::::::::
1) Download 'Dream Come True' 
By Ebele The Flutist, Produced by Cobhams Asuquo >> DOWNLOAD

2) Download 'Oghama' >>  DOWNLOAD

Happy Birthday, Ebele. 




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