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ALERT: Zambia's CARMINE Changes Name to ESTHER CHUNGU..inks Record Deal with Brave Only Music @itsEstherChungu @braveonlymusic @stevenmmjr

Here in Gospel City Naija, it is an open fact that we love Zambian gospel music. Today, we got a hint from one of the country's gospel music shapers and it is in relation to a current change that has occurred in the Zambian gospel music scene. He told us a press release would be sent to that effect and below, we bring you the said release;

Popularly known for her debut single “Shooting Star” Carmine has wowed audiences around with her amazing voice and presence. After her second single she took to the background on a journey of growth and self-discovery as an artist as well as an individual. Her little break from the lime light has seen her grow in faith and talent and has seen her discover herself more as an Artist, a Rhema Student and individual.

2016 is set to be an awesome year for the song bird and this comes with a new package that she wishes to reveal to the public. One of the first changes we are expecting to see is her name change; it’s now official that Carmine will now be known by her birth names Esther Chungu. This is what Esther had to say about her name change, “I want to be remembered by my real name. I strongly feel the names Esther Chungu have had a great impact over my life and I realized how much these names mean to me”. Esther Chungu wishes to impact other people’s lives through her original identity and names. 

This change has not been easy but it’s something she strongly believes she has to do, “Carmine is a great name and one of the reasons I agreed to use it was to avoid the mix up of whether or not I’m Abel Chungu’s sister… lol Well Esther Chungu are my names and I would love to be addressed by my true and authentic identity.”

The name change is not the only surprise the song bird has up her sleeve; Esther Chungu is now officially signed under new management, a new record label called Brave Only Music that has been founded by Mr Magnus Mando and Mr Steven Mwale. Mr Mwale spoke highly of the development, “From the first day I saw Esther Chungu and Chitalu on stage at bittersweet I knew that their amazing talent would speak to many, and on the 5th of December 2015 we officially got her on the label. We are very excited to help create a platform for this young and amazing talent to fully and boldly express her God given talent and help with her passion to reach out to people.” Esther Chungu joins label mate Mag44 on the Brave Only Music artist roster and with her signing; new music is set to drop in 2016. When asked to send her shout out Esther Chungu had this to say, “I would like to take this time to thank the Bittersweet family who have always believed in me from day one! I’m grateful to Mr Kapembwa, Mr Enock and Mr Mwape for playing a role in my growth as an artist. And also to all my fans I love you all and I thank God for you.”

This new journey is something that fills her fans with excitement as they wait to share this new path with her through her music. To follow her more closely be a part of her social media presence on facebook, twitter and instagram at @itsEstherChungu. For bookings and inquiries email or call +260969528585.­