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Music + Lyrics: Such Love - Aijay [@AijayDesmond ]

From the stables of Xousia Music, Aijay Desmond is back with a brand new single titled Such Love.
In her own words, “Sitting in the plane that day, I started thinking about what it must have felt like bearing the sins of the whole world on oneself ,the pain ,the humiliation ,loving someone who didn’t love you back... This was Jesus’ sacrifice. He went all the way, enduring it all just for you and I to be reconciled back to God. The thought of it filled my heart with so much joy and I just took up my pen and began to write this song that you hear today. I am forever grateful to You my King for paying the price for me . Your death on the cross for all mankind shows what TRUE LOVE really is…SELFLESS!!!”
This song was produced by DaGenius.


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