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EXCLUSIVE: @DavasolMusic Releases Double Singles , Touch Me and Eriyanga Feat. Amaka and DavidWhyt

Today, we premier the much anticipated double singles from the gospel twin duo popularly known as DAVASOL. 

The brothers are known for their singles, IBUCHI and SI’IMADO. They have also recorded and released other songs but the resounding impact of these two songs has been major highlights of their music ministry.

They resolved to put together two new singles and have them get to you right before the year runs out. Yes, it is a double release and we have them right here for your listening pleasure. 

The new singles are titled TOUCH ME feat Amaka and Eriyanga feat. DavidWhyt.  The first one sets you in a deep mode of worship and the second comes to get you moving your body gently as you vibe to its soulful rendition and enrapturing sax tunes from DavidWhyt.

Both songs are classics that are of indeed great quality. The Davasol Brothers have indeed shown growth through the years. These two songs are an attestation of that. They also made just the right choice by working with both Amaka and DavidWhyt on these singles.

TRACK 1 | Davasol Feat. Amaka - TOUCH ME

TRACK 2 | Davasol Feat. DvidWhyt - ERIYANGA

We thank God for the privilege of being a blessing to the body of Christ and the world at large, we are so humbled that He called us to sing His mind to the people's hearts. 

We thank Jesus for His blood that has  privileged us to stand even in our imperfection to minister His grace yet it still blesses His people.

We thank the Holy Spirit who has been the inspiration leading and guiding us right from the inception of this music to the studio and now to the world,To our Pastor,  Rev Ntia I. Ntia who's teachings of God's word has help us valued His principles which is God word without compromise.

To the featured ministers :
To Amaka, thank God for your life that has always been a blessing
To Davidwhyt, God bless you for being a blessing with your Sax, we are humbled that you all came into this project to be a blessing.

To our producers :
Kemzy Amos popularly known has Kemzy of Deep sound studios, you are a bundle of humility and simplicity.
ThankGod Thadom Dominic popularly knows as Mr. Thadom, your creativity and spirituality is what you displayed in the music,  thank you guys for giving us the song just as God dropped it in our heart.

To our backups and musicians:
We can't avoid not mentioning this Ministers who humbled themselves to join in this project, Debby, Tresh, Iyke, Joyce,  Eddysongs, Bobby, Jeffsapp,  MacManuel, God'swill, Anisapp, and Kemykeyz,  you guys rock. 

To our family, friends and fans : you all are just the best,  thank you all for your Support and prayers,
This two singles are not just another song but another message to change make and bless a people, as you download this singles heaven shall use the lyrics in your favour and the rhythm for your good and the testimony will be massive in Jesus name
Happy downloading...