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NEW MUSIC: ISIOMA KAYLA - You Are God | @isioma_kayla

Here is a brand new song from Kayla, a sensational gospel artiste out with quite an impressive single. The song

"Born out of a desire to be closer to my king, situations around me, the challenges I face daily. I stoppedd and asked my self the true identity of God to me personally. 

The more I searched for him the deeper it was the wider the vastness of He's awesomeness. He has been good to me, a wretched soul like me, the King of kings choose me.In all entirety He has shown me that He is God."

"You are God" is the first single from Kayla's first album of 6 tracks. The soft rock tune to the song was the best representation of how we can express the way God is to me. Kayla's first album will be out by september 2017. You are God is Produced and mixed by Dr Roy.

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