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MUSIC: Pst Obomate - Shine | @springworld_


Today, Pst Obomate returns with this brand new single ready for your download. The track is called SHINE and is bound to make you shine through the remaining part of the year as you listen and vibe to it.

He previously released a love tinged single sometime this year and is following that success up with this brand new song.

Go ahead, download and be blessed and go on and shine to God’s glory now and beyond!


Pastor Obomate is born into the family of the Igbikialabo`s, in Tombia Kingdom of Degema local government area in Rivers State- Nigeria.He is the fifth child of late Mr. Teinye and Justinah Igbikialabo both from Rivers State. His late parents were musically inclined till their death. He is currently a serving pastor in Gospel Mission Tabernacle int`l (GMT), Port Harcourt , Rivers State.

Apart from his parent inclination in music, his grandparents on both sides are well known in music in Tombia Kingdom.

With this family heritage of music, it is little wonder that he got into the same field as his predecessors with the songs he has. He says he gets inspiration from the Holy Spirit to work on his songs.

In 2015, he came up with an outfit called Spring World without knowing that this would be his music label. The vision became clearer in 2016 and he made moves to the studio to work on a song with a friend and brother that served with him in the church. 

This journey began his music sojourn.

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